Vision & Mission


“To be the leader and innovator of the Japanese food and beverage business for the quality of life and wellness of consumers and create sustainable business growth.”


1. Maintain the quality of production and service of the restaurant, bakery and health beverage businesses; as well as maintaining the popularity of ‘Oishi’ products among the customers, and give priority to the standards of the product manufacturing and operation.

2. Select quality raw materials that bring the highest customer’s satisfactory, in order to be well recognized in both local and overseas markets.

3. Continuously improve production process by using modern technology as well as the research and development of products.

4. Increase production efficiency and the Company’s competitiveness, in terms of pricings and quality, against the competitors in both the local and overseas market. This will help contribute to Thai economic growth.

5. Conduct business in accordance with good governance principles while consider all stake holders’ benefits in order to create sustainable business growth