Business Overview


Business operations of the Company and its subsidiaries consist of two segments.

Oishi Grand (1 branch)

Oishi Grand, located at Siam Paragon 4fl. We surround you with luxurious atmosphere, serving variety of rare dishes. Open all day with 2:30 hrs. time limit. Current price per person is 995 THB.

Oishi Eaterium (9 branches)

Oishi Eaterium always aims to serve you under three key concepts, “EAT - EXPLORE - PREMIUM”. We proudly present wonderous flavours, birthed from divine ingredients and creativity - blending harmoniously with Japanese cuisine culture. Indulge yourself in the magical sensation of Japanese food, satisfying all 5 senses - visual, taste, flavour, sound and touch. The first time a Japanese restaurant allows customers to taste, cook and experience the authentic Japanese atmosphere up close. Time limit is 1:45 hrs, current price per person is 759 THB net for all branches, except Phuket and Pattaya branches with prices per person set at 859 THB net.

Oishi Buffet (7 branches)

Oishi Buffet serves Japanese food all day long with no set service rounds, limit to 1:45 hrs. Our current price is 629 THB net. Take away and home delivery services are also available.

Shabushi (162 branches)

161 branches in Thailand.
Shabushi serves buffet dishes delivered via conveyor belt, with unlimited continuous flow of food at an affordable price. Whereby, we offer 2 popular Asian menus, which are shabu-shabu hot pot and an assortment of makis and sushi. Service hours depends on each branch’ department store. Time limit is 1:15 hrs, current standard starting price per person is 399 THB net, for Bangkok branches. The price per person starts at 419 THB net and 429 THB net in some branches located at tourist areas. Apart from the standard buffet, Shabushi also offers premium options. Platinum seafood buffet at 699 THB net and Platinum buffet at 599 THB net (available across 6 branches) and special concept only at Shabushi Samyan Mitrtown branch, with 24 hrs buffet service. Currently, Shabushi offered services covers dine-in, buffet, A La Carte, take home and delivery.

1 Overseas Branch
A Shabushi subsidiary branch operates in Myanmar, Yangon city.

Oishi Ramen (52 Branches)

Oishi Ramen (52 Branches), ramen noodle restaurants have developed noodle and soup recipes with unique characteristics to achieve full-bodied Japanese style flavours, that satisfies the Thai palette. With many menu varieties to choose from.

Kakashi (18 branches)

Kakashi serves Japanese styled rice dishes with variety of toppings. Our overflowing topping with double the meat concept, offers variety of menus from all over Japan for customers to enjoy. Our array of dishes is served hot with short preparation time at an affordable price.

Sakae (1 branch)

Sakae, The Signature taste of Shabu - Shabu and Sukiyaki.

Experience the unique taste of shabu-shabu and Japanese hotpot, served with premium meat curated and delivered straight from Japan. So that you get the authentic Japanese style taste to enjoy. To us, quality ingredient is the most essential. Such as, Wagyu A4, Wagyu F1 and Sakae - our signature beef. For those who do not eat beef, we also offer premium pork. Don’t miss out on our highly recommended dishes - shabu-shabu set, wagyu A4, our restaurant’s secret shabu soup recipe served with premium wagyu A4 delivered straight from Japan, and our wagyu F1 sukiyaki set with sweet dark soup, specially prepared at Sakae that you won’t find anywhere else. Every set is served with an assortment of vegetables and side dishes for you to enjoy.

Experience the charm of premium shabu at Sakae, The PARQ 2fl on the West Wing. Open every day from 10:00- 21:00 hrs. For reservation, please call +6696-774-8121.

Hou Yuu (3 branches)

Japanese cuisines has become increasingly popular in Thailand since 2000. Owing their delicious taste, nutrition, hygiene, and quality of raw materials. Hou Yuu Restaurant has been on its long journey for over 20 years and still remains committed to delivering authentic Japanese cuisines to its customers. Our favorite dishes are Sashimi (raw fish), Sushi, Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, Tempura, and Udon. Each of the cuisines is authentically Japanese, and its preparation is elaborated from its inception to completion using only selected high quality raw materials.

The most outstanding charm of Hou Yuu Restaurant is the authenticity of its cuisines that only use fresh raw materials imported directly from the well–known fish market in Japan. High–quality raw materials include such items as Toro, Chutoro, Hotate, Akami, Shimaaji, Tai, and Hamachi, etc. And the raw materials go into the cooking of Sashimi Moriawase Tokubetsu, Nigiri Moriawase Tokubetsu, Wagyu Beef Tataki, Taraba Yaki, and Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu. Other set menus of great values include Aburi Sushi Set, Sanshoku Don Set, Salmon Teriyaki Set, Beef Steak Set, and Tori Cheese Spicy Teriyaki Set. Each set has one main course served with steamed egg, soup, salad, pickles, and ice cream. All these set menus answer the call for good taste, convenience, and value for lunch or fast food appetite.

The overall atmosphere in the restaurant is typical Japanese that stresses simplicity with elegance. On the wall are line drawing images of the Manga version together with warm white light bulbs. They create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and fun.

Nikuya (8 branches)

Nikuya, yakiniku buffet operates under the concept “Authentic Osaka Japanese Grill”. Serving only high-quality ingredients, with variety of choices. Enjoy selections such as, Premium Buffet at 515 THB, Super Premium Buffet at 680 THB and Yaki Plus. This premium Japanese course includes an array of savoury and dessert buffet at an affordable price. Or choose from our wide variety of premium ingredient A la carte dishes. We also offer take away and delivery options for customers.

Oishi Delivery (1,151 outlets)

Oishi Delivery, Japanese food at your doorstep. There are over 300 dishes, customers can pick from all restaurants by Oishi Group at, Oishi call center 1773 and Click & Collect service. Our service area covers Bangkok, Greater Bangkok and other districts - with 52 districts nation wide. Running hours 10:00- 22:00 every day with only 40 THB delivery fee, for purchases over 500 THB customers can pay via credit card.

Apart from Oishi Delivery, we are also accessible via food aggregator channels, such as Grab Food, Food Panda and Line Man. This is to ensure we engage young consumers who prefer our services through online contact. Our online service is available both in Bangkok and other districts.

Oishi Food Truck (1 truck)

The answer to flavorful Japanese style cuisine, with the newest model of Japanese restaurant food trucks – ready to serve delicious dishes at various locations near you, wherever you are.

OISHI BIZTORO (5 branches)

Modern Japanese restaurant that responds to lifestyles with fast casual food in a comfortable atmosphere. Under the concept of enhancing the quality of life of urban residents with delicious Japanese food that you are familiar with.

Available in both ramen and donburi categories. Delicious noodles and rice, satisfied like eating in Japan at an easily accessible price.

Oishi Biztoro, a delicious complete Japanese meal.

To the date of September 30th , 2020 our company and a subsidiary operate altogether 264 branches - managing 263 branches in Bangkok and other Thai districts and then 1 branch in Myanmar. Additionally, there are 2 more franchises which are Shabushi, MM Mega Market at Arunyaprated in Srakaew distict and Nikuya at Buriram Castle in Buriram district.

Ready to Cook and Ready to Eat Business

The business of Ready to Cook and Ready to Eat named “Oishi Eato” is a business of food distribution of Japanese-style and high-quality chilled and frozen products with diverse categories as follow:


Original Japanese gyoza dumplings made from thin, soft dough and stuffed with delicious, uniquely seasoned fillings. The gyoza, served with a mild sauce, can be microwaved, fried, boiled, steamed or cooked in a pan. The Oishi Eato Gyoza comes in different flavours and can be added to any meal.

2. OISHI EATO Sandwich

Oishi Eato Sandwiches are made with soft, fine bread and stuffed full of delicious fillings in flavours of your choice. These delectable sandwiches can be consumed any time of the day or night.

3. OISHI EATO Ready meal

These meals made from the best, fresh ingredients and produced in line with international standards come in authentic Japanese flavours that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

4. OISHI EATO Kani (Crab Stick)

These thick, tender crab sticks come in two styles – Kamaboko Crab Stick and Alaska Crab Stick. This delicious snack made from the best quality ingredients can be enjoyed with either shoyu sauce or wasabi, or added to your favourite dish for additional flavour.

5. OISHI EATO Appertizer

The Japanese-style appetizers from Oishi Eato include treats like Oishi Eato Takoyaki and Oishi Eato Tamagoyaki.

OISHI Japanese style sauce and condiments, the deliciousness and uniqueness OISHI’s recipe that going well with various home cooking menus from our expertise in Japanese Restaurant. Currently, we have launched Shoyu Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, and Sukiyaki Sauce. OISHI sauces are available in all OISHI Restaurants,, OISHI Food in Shopee and supermarkets.

1. Shoyu Sauce

Well-rounded umami taste, dashi aroma (fish broth) for every dipping or stir fry dishes

2. Teriyaki Sauce

OISHI special recipe with intense taste and texture for various menus such as marinaded, stir fry, and topping with your favorite dishes.

3. Sukiyaki Sauce

OISHI unique recipe with flavorful taste of spicy and sour, on top with sesame oil aroma for your dipping or soup menus