Business Overview


Business operations of the Company and its subsidiaries consist of two segments.

Restaurant Business: 9 Japanese restaurant brands

Hou Yuu (1 branch)

The premium Japanese restaurant servicing by order (A la carte menu) focusing on the premium quality materials, rare items which is available only in seasonal period and prepared by Chef from Japan.

Oishi Grand (1 branch)

A distinctive and luxurious atmosphere of all-day dining buffet at Siam Paragon, 4th Floor, serving various and delicate food with a limited time of 2 hours and 30 minutes at the price per head of Baht 995.

Oishi Eaterium (8 branches)

unique style Japanese Buffet under 3 concepts, EAT – EXPLORE – PREMIUM presenting Japanese food with premium ingredients quality with new innovation along with Japanese culture. The customers can experience the looks, tastes, smells and sound all at the same time. The time is limited to 1 hour and 45 minutes at the price of Baht 659 per person excluding VAT and Baht 759 per person including VAT in provincial areas.

Oishi Buffet (10 branches)

The all-day dining Japanese food buffet style with a limited time of 1 hour and 45 minutes at the price per head of Baht 569 excluding VAT in Bangkok areas and Baht 589 excluding VAT in Songkla province.

Nikuya (17 branches)

Specialized in Yakiniku buffet style under the slogan “NIKUYA the yakiniku in Osaka style” with high quality products at 2 buffet prices tier Baht 399 (excluding beverage) with 40 variety selections and Baht 539 (excluding beverage) and also an à la carte (à la carte) service . In addition, there is a franchise for 1 outlet under the brand.

Shabushi (142 branches)

Domestic 140 stores
The all-day dining Shabu buffet style with the moderate price. The ingredients are served along a conveyor (kaiten). Shabushi offers 2 kinds of Asian favorite foods i.e. Shabu-Shabu and Sushi. The Price per head is Baht 399 including VAT in Bangkok areas and Baht 419 or 469 included VAT in provincial areas with a limited time of 1 hour and 15 minutes. In addition, there is a franchise for 1 outlet under the brand.

Overseas 2 branches
The Company’s subsidiary has operated Shabushi restaurants in Myanmar with two branches in Yangon.

Oishi Ramen (54 branches)

A unique style of ramen and soup localized to suit local taste, offering both Japanese and spicy Thai menus.

Kakashi (25 branches)

A quick service restaurant serves Japanese rice bowl which will make the customer enjoy various topping fresh and warm at an economical price.

Oishi Delivery

Home delivery service (call number 1773 or via in Bangkok and its vicinity and over 21 provinces nationwide from 10.00 a.m. till 9.00 p.m. with Baht 40 delivery fee per an order. Credit card is acceptable for customer’s convenience at minimum order of Baht 500.

As at September 30, 2018, the Company and its subsidiaries operate total restaurants of up to 252 stores of which 250 domestic stores are operating in Bangkok and key provinces and 2 overseas stores are operating in Myanmar. In addition, another 2 stores are operating in form of franchise restaurants i.e. Shabushi MM Mega Market, Aranyaprathet, Sa Kaeo province, and Nikuya Buriram Castle, Buriram province.

Packaged Food

The business of Ready to cook and Ready to eat is a business of food distribution of Japanese style chilled and frozen products which has many categories such as Sandwich, Gyoza, Oden, Takoyaki, Crab stick, Ramen and Japanese rice bowl. In the past year, Oishi Group of companies is determined to introduce the varieties, tastes and packaging’s to have influence directly to the consumers. For the year 2019, apart from product innovations, the Company are also aiming at strengthen its brand to be recognized as One Brand among consumers.